Today, Grist launched brand new author blogs.  Ok, ok, I know — it’s sort of odd that Grist didn’t have proper blog-like destination pages for our great writers before this, but hey … now we do!  These pages are a great way to keep tabs on your favorite Grist author, follow them on twitter (or read their tweets right on the page), subscribe to their feeds and otherwise fanboy/girl them.  So where are these pages?  For now, just click on the avatar or name of your favorite author or contributor anywhere on the site, and you’re there.  For example: check out Dave’s Blog here

At the same time, we’ve spruced up everyone’s user page (now at, where “screen+name” is uh … your screen name) to better display your comment activity and simplify/improve the experience of modifying your profile on Grist.

Finally, we’ve developed some super-secret additional powers that we’ll roll out over the next little while.  Suffice it to say that we plan to bring to you, O Grist reader, a universe of people — famous and otherwise — who are powering the green conversation, changing our cities and towns and energizing a new generation of change makers.

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