Oxygen bars are so Japan circa 1997. Huffing canisters of “Fresh Air” is where it’s at.

At only two Hong Kong dollars a pop (that’s one shiny U.S. quarter), Hong Kongers can finally huff and puff and blow their birthday candles out … just “like the rest of the world does.” With a deal like that, why would you breathe anything else?

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Unfortunately for the seven million residents respiring in Hong Kong, they have to breathe some of the dirtiest air in the world. Which is exactly why the Clean Air Network produced this video as a cheeky warning of how their future may look — and smell (flavored like vanilla! and beach! and … horses?).

Personally, I’m not holding my breath over the prospect of mastering “exciting new skills, like balloon animals and yodeling.” Balloon animals are tricky!

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