We're off foreign oil! More or less.

One price we'll pay for that: ads with blue skies and green fields and a man with a reassuring voice saying that natural gas is totally, totally safe.

The price of renewable energy will go down. So naturally, you should bet against its success. Unless you're a venture capitalist.

Greenpeace found radiation 50 times higher than legal limits in sea creatures off the coast of Japan. Also, the plant's leaking radioactive waste water. Three-eyed Simpsons fish, here we come!

The Obama administration had little luck convincing a congressional subcommittee on foreign affairs that offering climate aid to affected countries would be a good thing.

But the California Republican who heads the committee thinks clearing old and rotting trees in rain forests would stop climate change. Science!

The U.K. just passed a far-reaching, forward-thinking plan to combat climate change. Obama doesn't want to talk about it. (What he's thinking: "Grumble, grumble; if I were head of a parliamentary system…")

Oh, that carbon-spewing vehicle is for national defense? Sure, use whatever fuel you want!