Everyone remembers that deathless scene from Waterworld where Kevin Costner pees in a jug, filters it, drinks some, then spits the rest into a plant. (EVERYONE REMEMBERS IT, I SAID. But if you’ve been living under a rock, you can watch here — start around 1:30.) Well, that may soon become a reality. For now, at least, we’re still not drinking processed urine — on a societal level, anyway; what you do on your time is your own business. But one ingenious conservation junkie has come up with a urinal design that filters pee in order to water plants.

The idea is simple: four urinals surround a large planter. Pee goes into the urinal, goes through a series of filters, and waters the plants in the center. No spitting! Reality is SO much better than Waterworld.

One blogger suggested that restaurants could grow vegetables in the urinals — efficient! Especially if you’re interested in never selling any more vegetable dishes! — but I'd choose plants that smelled really good, to ward of gross bathroom stink and limit the need to spray chemicals like Lysol all over the place.