This is not even the first time that someone in New York City has compared cyclists to terrorists, but it might be the dumbest: New York's CBS 2 is concerned that bike lanes will facilitate acts of terror.

A Second Avenue bike lane is next to the Israeli consulate, leaving many wondering what would happen if a man on a bike were a terrorist.

It's true! If a terrorist could ride his bike in the street only a sidewalk's width from the door of the Israeli consulate, which would be shielded by nothing except giant concrete planters (yes, I Street Viewed it; now I'm probably on some kind of watch list), he could set off a bike bomb! It was much safer before, when all he could do was walk right up to the door of the building.

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Or, as Streetsblog puts it:

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What would happen if a man who is a terrorist, who is riding a bike on Second Avenue, and who has a broadsword strapped to his rear rack, were to unsheathe his weapon and extend it sideways at arm’s length as he pedals next to the sidewalk? How many Israeli diplomats would be disemboweled or beheaded? Many are wondering.

Second Avenue, it should be noted, also goes by the Israeli consulate, being as how the Second Avenue bike lane runs along Second Avenue and all. What if a man in a car were a terrorist?? But that's ridiculous, really … I mean, who ever heard of a car bomb?