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You'd think Fox News would already be mildly embarrassed by the fact that their outside consultant on science is the host of a children's program. ("And now, to discuss transportation infrastructure, Mr. Rogers!") But what's even more embarrassing is the fact that they can't understand a word he's saying, and they readily admit it.

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Here, Fox's Charles Payne ostensibly wants to ask the Science Guy whether hurricanes could be the post-climate-change new normal. But he gets peeved when the answer is "yes," so he starts asking Nye to defend Al Gore for comparing talking to skeptics with talking to racists. Nye, who never hosted a children's show called Bill Nye the Political Rhetoric Guy, tries valiantly to turn the question back to one of science, explaining that both racism and skepticism crumble in the face of scientific evidence. Payne's comeback: "The route you've taken [in answering my inane question] is confusing some of the viewers." HOW DID HE KNOW? (Well, it's a pretty solid guess. We are talking about Fox viewers here.)

This is sort of akin to Gretchen Carlson admitting that she finds SpongeBob SquarePants hard to follow. Are we being too hard on Fox for being unable to comprehend things like the first law of thermodynamics? That's a lot to expect when they can't even handle 3-2-1 Contact-level concepts. Maybe they need to go all the way back to the Teletubbies.

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