Rick Perry wanted to expand a nuclear waste site, owned by one of his donors, but a state commissioner objected. Guess what happened to the state commissioner. No, he wasn’t killed, Jesus! But Perry did offer him another job, in order to bribe him away from the waste commission so he could be replaced.

Beijing's going to put congestion fees in place, a policy that New York City has failed to get past suburban commuters. Ah, democracy.

Will you be living under high water stress?

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Some businesses, like the insurance industry, believe in climate change. But that doesn't mean they're prepared for it.

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There was a significant oil spill at the Gulf Coast Asphalt Company’s facility in Alabama.

In the future, plants might replace silicon panels as collectors of solar energy. Here's what that could look like.

NYC's Fashion Week not only will feature bikes this year, it cutting back by using seven diesel generators instead of nine. Also, half the people who'll be there don't eat, period … minus 1,000 points for health and welfare, but plus 10 for resource conservation?

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