Are Nebraskans really “split” over the Keystone XL pipeline, as Canada’s ambassador says? Sounds like a whole lot them know what they want, which is not tar-sands oil running through their state.

Homeowners who want solar panels but don’t want to pay a $30,000 installation cost could start paying utility bills to Google instead.

The EPA’s pushing back the deadline for releasing fuel efficiency rules.

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The U.K. could have commercial tidal power within the next four years.

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And its government has wised up to the antics of climate skeptic Bjorn Lomberg and could pull his funding.

Make sure you get that trip to Yellowstone in soon. Average temperatures in the park could rise almost 10 degrees by 2070.

But if it gets too hot in Yellowstone, you can visit this park that's also a farm in the Netherlands.

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