Occupy Wall Street protests.Photo: Paul SteinOne month in, it’s clear that Occupy Wall Street is here to stay — and we know intrepid Grist readers are a part of it. Some of you may have shown solidarity from afar by sending a protest pizza. We’re betting others have donned full-on war paint and marched (or perhaps pedaled) down to your local occupation.

The reasons aren’t hard to see. Grist readers are engaged, motivated, and quick with a quip — handy for crafting a cutting slogan, sure, but even more useful in providing leadership and fire for moving us towards a future we can live with.

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That’s why we want to hear from Grist readers on the ground and in the Occupy Wall Street trenches. Why did you join Occupy Wall Street? What causes do you support? Which causes aren’t getting enough attention? What’s next for the movement? How do you personally plan to keep it alive?

We invite you to begin by sharing your personal experiences with us in the comments below, or emailing them to us at occupywallstreet@grist.org. Over the duration of the movement, we hope to include your perspectives in articles, slideshows, and special features. Don’t be shy, now. But then again, Grist readers never are.

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