Dolorean - The Unfazed

One of the very first Friday Music Bloggings I ever did, way back in 2007, was for a band called Dolorean. (I still love that song.) Earlier this year, they came out with their latest album, The Unfazed, which is about the process of shedding old skins and old loves in order to make way for newer, better ones.

As it happens, in between I got to know some of the people in and around the band and am peripherally aware of the real-world events that inspired the album. That gives it a special resonance for me, since I happen to like it when good people find happiness!

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You probably won’t hear Dolorean on commercial radio any time soon. Its music is quiet and its charms are subtle — they only fully emerge after repeat listens. This is the kind of album you need to spend a few nights with, preferably cuddled up around a warm fire. But there’s just something about it …

Anyway, this song, the last on the album, best captures its spirit. I remember when my wife and I were “the richest kids without a dime.” Takes me back. It’s called “How Is It.”

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