Typically, drinking wine from paper vessels doesn't exactly scream "classy." Think about wine from a box … or a Dixie cup … or a paper bag. But the makers of GreenBottle are trying to break that trend with the world's first paper wine bottle.

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The bottle has a thin layer of plastic on the inside, which is recycled and recyclable. But the bulk of the bottle is paper, which can also be recycled (it can be used for new wine bottles up to seven times) or chucked in the compost bin, where it breaks down within weeks. And it's not just easier to dispose of, says TreeHugger:

The carbon footprint for a wine GreenBottle is 10 percent of an equivalent glass bottle. GreenBottles are lighter (55g compared with 500g), non-breakable, have insulation (so they will stay cooler longer on the table) and they are the same price as a glass bottle.

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Apparently consumers really like this, and opt for the paper bottle over glass equivalents, even though it kind of looks like it comes with its own paper bag for surreptitious street drinking.