Apparently today is the day we talk about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? The White House released its year-in-the-making report about what needs to be done for cleanup ("more better things"), and now it looks like BP is still trying to palm off blame. They're claiming that Halliburton, which produced the cement used to seal the faulty well, hid evidence that their product was defective.

BP has apparently gotten sick of paying for cleanup efforts, because they've filed papers in a New Orleans federal court that accuse Halliburton of hiding computer modeling evidence that would have shown their cement was to blame for the disaster. The trial is set to start in February and last about three months.

Federal and independent investigations have already said that Halliburton should shoulder some of the blame, but BP's assertions go beyond that — they're alleging a deliberate cover-up.

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In Monday's court filing, BP alleges that Halliburton employees discarded and destroyed early test results they performed on the same batch of cement slurry used in the Macondo well during an internal investigation into the disaster.

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BP said Halliburton's chief cement mixer for Gulf projects testified in depositions that the cement slurry seemed "thin" to him but that he chose not to write about his findings to his bosses out of fear he would be misinterpreted.

Halliburton, meanwhile, says that none of this is true. Girls, girls, don't fight. You're BOTH awful.