Got back to Santa Barbara late last night early this morning from the Global Green USA pre-Oscar party in L.A. and am officially running on organic coffee fumes. Here are a few first impressions of a very eventful night:

  • Using celebrities to lure hundreds of people with large disposable incomes into a club showcasing solar panels, natural carpets, and other sustainable building materials — Global Green USA president Matt Petersen is a frickin’ genius!
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  • Unfortunately, I don’t fit into the “large disposable income” category. Do you think it’s too early to ask for a Tesla sports car for Christmas?
  • Chevy Chase thinks green carpets are cooler than red ones.
  • Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

  • Never got all tingly for Orlando Bloom until last night when he showed up with a new spiky haircut. Keep it up, Orlando — keep it up.

Stay tuned; a more fulsome post to come.