Nabbing your parents’ keys and taking the convertible for a joyride is one thing, but finding the keys to a commuter train and deciding to take it for a spin? That’s a whole other level of ballsy (and, we might add, is super, super irresponsible). And when a 20-year-old cleaner in Stockholm tried this stunt, she ended up driving the train about 100 feet off the tracks and straight into an apartment building.

“The young woman appears to have been unable to stop the train once she reached the end of the line,” the Daily Mail reports. Luckily, no one in the apartment building was hurt, but the runaway train conductor was. Plus she was stuck in the wreckage for two hours.

The Daily Mail says:

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It is not clear how the woman got hold of the keys to start the train’s engine, but a rail technician at the scene this morning told newspaper Expressen that one of his colleagues ‘lost the keys to this train, is in a bad state and is blaming himself’.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, guy: We’ve all lost our keys. And while many of us may have dreamed of taking control of a huge, powerful machine and seeing what would happen, we wouldn’t be stupid enough to try it in real life. That’s what video games are for:

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