California will join Northeast greenhouse-gas reduction program

California will participate in the carbon cap-and-trade program being established in seven Northeast states, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) announced today. Linking in with the so-called Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative — which we suppose won’t be so regional anymore — will help California’s industries comply with an impending mandatory cap on greenhouse-gas emissions. “Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to build a large, robust carbon trading market that will dramatically reduce emissions. The more robust the market, the more effective we will be,” says a Schwarzenegger spokesflack, who obviously disdains girlie markets. While large corporate emitters of GHGs still aren’t happy about the new California law capping emissions, a spokesflack for the California Manufacturers and Technology Association grudgingly agreed that “implementing a cap-and-trade and allowing manufacturers to offset some of the substantial costs will help manufacturers deal with the greenhouse-gas mandate.” He added, “hmph.”