When Paul Wolfowitz was nominated and confirmed to be the next head of the World Bank, many people were more than a little upset. His neo-conservative label preceded him. However, Wolfowitz and the World Bank have done admirable things both times that they’ve been in the news since then.

There’s this move to help the world’s largest emerging energy market grow up as a renewable one.

Wolfowitz has also called for cuts in agricultural subsidies in developed countries because of their adverse effects on poorer countries that cannot compete against the treasury of the world’s largest economy. The effects on African nations are particularly devastating, and Wolfowitz appears to be making that continent a priority for his tenure.

The current melee going on over at the world’s second largest (collective) economy is largely over agricultural subsidies. Farm spending makes up nearly half of the EU’s budget, nearly 49 billion Euros a year.

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Maybe he’s pulling the (sheep’s) wool over our eyes, but just looking at what he’s done since his appointment, this guy doesn’t sound half bad.

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