United States of Grist fund-raiser draws to a semi-triumphant close

Our United States of Grist fund-raiser is over. The great news is, we met — nay, exceeded! — our goal of $50,000, coming in with an impressive (to us) $56,276. Many thanks to everyone who donated. We’re going to earn it — wait ’til you hear the puns we’ve been cooking! As for uniting the country, well, we came close: every single state sent donations, 38 states went green, and all the rest were within five donations. Apparently some areas of the South and industrial Midwest have issues with us. Is it something we said? On the other hand, the big giver — and the winner of our special prize — is our home state of Washington. Thanks, Evergreen State! Washingtonians, be sure to check out your very special tribute page on our website. Effusive gratitude to all who donated — we couldn’t do what we do without you!