Long have I suspected that New York Times staffers sit around trolling Grist. At last, here’s the evidence. Earlier this week, Daily Grist covered Schwarzenneger’s meeting with Blair; later, I added a few details about upcoming global warming legislation in California. Now, after digesting all this good stuff, NYT editors summed it up nicely in Saturday’s paper for the rest of America. The only quibble I have with their commentary:

A bill like this would not only help California meet its targets but could also help jump-start clean-coal technologies that will be essential to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in countries like China and India.

Hmmm. “Clean coal” technologies like carbon sequestration are certainly better than dirty coal, but they might have unintended effects, mainly leakage of toxic trace metals and possible CO2 escape. Surely these NYT folk have not missed Grist’s coverage of wind and solar power?

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