Al Gore continued laying out his energy and environment plan yesterday, proposing $25 billion in subsidies over 10 years for eco-friendly mass transit. But he affirmed the right of all Americans to drive their cars anywhere they want, anytime they want. “I reject the idea that in order to have a clean environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we all have to put on hair shirts and turn off the air-conditioners and swelter inside and feel good that we’re doing our duty for the environment,” Gore said. Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader mocked Gore’s energy proposals yesterday, and accused the Clinton-Gore administration of setting the stage for high gas prices by allowing several recent oil company mergers. A New York Times editorial today says Nader’s campaign is “a self-indulgent exercise that will distract voters from the clear-cut choices represented by the major party candidates.” Grist readers have their own strong opinions about Nader — check out the latest letters to the editor.