Well, Bush has done what he always does when he’s in trouble: Made a move designed to be maximally divisive, maximally partisan. The nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court is a declaration of war, an explicit statement that Bush intends to stand with the Angry White Men of the far right to the very end.

Much has already been said about Alito’s retrograde positions on abortion and commerce-clause related matters. I’m reading around for news on his environmental record. But we can probably guess, right?

If you know of environment-related Alito cases, describe them in comments. More later.

Update [2005-10-31 10:55:17 by David Roberts]: Here’s some good info from EarthJustice.

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Update [2005-10-31 11:8:3 by David Roberts]: Good collection of links on Alito from Scott Lemieux.

Update [2005-10-31 11:28:11 by David Roberts]: As always, tons of great info on Wikipedia and SCOTUSblog.