On Sunday, we got one of the greatest emails ever. Here it is:

Dear Gristers!

Last Friday Al Gore was presented the first copy of the Dutch version of his book “An inconvenient truth”; he also attended the grand opening of his film in the prestigious Amsterdam Tuschinski film theatre and introduced his film there. All of this would not have happened without YOU.

I (I am the founder -in 1982- and director of a small environmental communication agency near Amsterdam,) learnt from the book and the film through your daily email. I contacted the Dutch publisher that had published his earlier book about the date the Dutch version would be out. To my astonishment they said they would not publish it (“we did not earn money on his first book, and we changed our publishing policy”). No other Dutch publisher, I found out, had bought the translations rights. So I did, and translated it my self, and organised him to be there at the occasion of the presentation and the film premiere. Attached two photo’s of the event (the guy left of Gore is me … The guy to the right behind Gore on the second photo is the Dutch minister for the Environment).

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So: THANK YOU! Without Grist there would definitively NOT have been a Dutch edition.

And as I emailed to you before: I thoroughly enjoy your work as well as they way you do it! Keep up the good work!)

best regards,

Maurits Groen
Maurits Groen Environment & Communication

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Here’s a picture of Maurits with Gore:

Maurits and Al Gore

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