Grist is in the early conceptual stages of a comprehensive redesign — or as they call it in the entertainment industry, a reimagining. It’s going to kick ass. Your mind will be blown. You’ll never see web media the same way again. You will be spiritually renewed. Your love life will perk up. Your breakfast cereal will taste better.

Until that rolls out (mid-2007ish?), our team of reimagineers will be making a series of incremental, stopgap improvements.

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One of those has officially been implemented: as of yesterday, each Gristmill author has his/her own RSS feed. You can click on any contributor’s name — either at the top of an individual post or on the list over to the left — and see his/her profile page. At the top is a link: Subscribe to ___’s posts via RSS.

In effect, this allows each contributor to have their own mini-blog (the profile page also includes a list of the author’s posts).

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So if you find yourself thinking, ____ is brilliant, I just wish I didn’t have to wade through a bunch of drivel from ____ to get to it!, well, you’re in luck.