I’m back. (You noticed I was gone, right?) I’ve just returned from a most relaxing long-weekend stint at the Once in a Blue Moon Farm, a little organic farm/orchard on Orcas Island. We went for a wedding, but a group of about eight of us decided to stretch it into a mini-vacation in the farm’s guest house.

I’ll spare you the poetic rhapsodizing about watching my older son ride a small horse, feed chickens, and get nuzzled by llamas. But it was nice. As a bona fide city boy, he doesn’t get much exposure to Nature, but he took right to it. It reignited our little dream of buying a B&B in the country somewhere. Matter of fact, there was a nice one on sale on Orcas, for the low low price of $1.5 million. Ahem.

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Anyway, if you’re in the area, Orcas is a delight — not too touristy, small-town homey, but kind of funky too. And Blue Moon gets Gristmill’s Official Travel Recommendation.

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