Play “End of the World Party,” by Medeski Martin & Wood

Looks like the bailout bill just now failed in the House, 205-228. The stock market is in freefall.

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UPDATE: Apparently Republicans promised 80-90 votes and only came through with 66 … at which point nervous Dems started bailing. Some 90 Dems voted no. Dow is now down 800. If I were a Dem who had my arm twisted by Pelosi into voting for this extremely unpopular bill, I would be livid right now.

UPDATE: This song seems apropos.

UPDATE: How is this not McCain’s fault? Didn’t he suspend his campaign to broker a deal? How can he not get the R’s on board?

UPDATE: Jiminy Cricket, it looks like they’re voting again!

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UPDATE: Okay, there was no second vote, and now the House has gone into recess until Thurs. House Republicans say they yanked their promised voted because Pelosi made a mean speech beforehand. Dow down 800. Ugly.