Way back at the beginning of the year (is that already two weeks ago?), I meant to do a bit of a round-up of year-end lists appearing on other sites. The moment has probably passed, but what the hell, I still have all the tabs open in Firefox, so for nostalgia if nothing else, here we go.

First, the Lists So Great They Render All Future Lists Superfluous: My green stories of 2006 list and my list of predictions. OK, they were on our site, but as you well know, I have a big head.

The wonderful green-design site Inhabitat has its top ten green design stories of 2006.

Peak Oil Review put together a top ten peak oil stories.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Warren Karlenzig of Sustainlane has its top ten sustainability stories.

Tom Konrad has his top ten alternative energy technologies.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Kelpie Wilson has her top five green tech ideas.

Oil Drum has their kajillion top posts of 2006, in terms of getting the most comments.

The American Institute of Architects has their top ten green projects (yay for the Ballard Library!).

Environmental Defense has a top ten corporate initiatives.

And to wrap up, Vincenze went all meta on us and compiled the top ten green top ten lists, which include a few of the above and several more.

There, now I can fully turn my attention to 2007, where at least 10 things are probably going to happen.