I just got back from taping my first ever appearance on national teevee. I’m here to report that it is a truly surreal experience. There I am, sitting alone in a room, with awkwardly rigid posture, speaking to a yellow arrow above a camera in response to a disembodied voice that keeps telling me to "smile more," struggling to recall the snappy talking points I’d written down at 2am the previous morning. Totally natural!

The show is The Climate Code, a Weather Channel program hosted by Heidi Cullen (who we interviewed last year). They’re interviewing five or six people about the top 10 climate stories of the year, and then they’ll smoosh the whole thing down into a half-hour program, so it will probably be a blink-and-you-miss-me sort of thing.

Nonetheless, if you want to see me looking like a deer in headlights, speaking in a slightly-too-loud voice and an ill-fitting earnest tone, tune your idiot boxes to the Weather Channel on Dec. 17, 5pm EST. It should be good for a laugh.

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