Dozens of emails flagged. More than 15 tabs open in Firefox. Well over 100 unread entries in the "green" folder of my RSS reader.

These signs all point to one fact: I’m a bad, bad blogger.

I’ll try to catch up a little tomorrow.

Do check out my interview with Michael Pollan. He’s a smart cookie, and honestly one of the best pure prose stylists in the non-fiction world, IMO.

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And here’s a question for you: the interview we published is 2,000 words, roughly. But the original interview is much longer, around 10,000 words.

Would y’all have any interest in seeing the whole thing? If so, I could clean it up a little and post it on the blog, maybe in chunks.

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(I love interviews, and always wish they were longer, but I don’t know if this is a widely shared sentiment.)

In other news no one cares about, there was a preview screening of An Inconvenient Truth in my neighborhood last night, so I dropped by to do a Q&A afterwards (I was the resident "expert," if that gives you some idea of the state of expertise these days). I was hoping to get deep insights about the movie’s reception from the questions of "normal" people, but then I remembered, oh, right, this is one of the whitest, most liberal neighborhoods in the universe. And sure enough, all anyone wanted to know is how to get those odd people in red states to watch the movie. I wish I knew.