Sir David King, the U.K.’s chief scientific adviser, says American fossil-fuel lobbyists are pestering and hectoring him as he goes around the world talking about the impending dangers of global warming. King ticked off some powerful folks last year when he said climate change poses more of a global threat than terrorism and blasted the U.S. for not taking the lead in addressing the problem. Reports The Independent:

Since then, he has given many lectures to international audiences but found individuals among them who are there solely to create the impression that he is presenting biased information.

“They’ll be in the audience to stand up and raise questions to get into the audience’s mind that I haven’t represented a balanced view,” he said.

“You have a group of lobbyists, some of whom are chasing me around the planet, which I’m chuffed about because it means they are worrying about what I’m saying, and these lobbyists stand up after I’ve given an hour’s talk and say, ‘There are scientists who disagree with you’,” Sir David said.

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“I always say, ‘Which bit of the science that I’ve just presented to you are you challenging’? I don’t get the answer.”

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