The California Center for Sustainable Energy is implementing a pilot solar water-heating incentive program in San Diego. The success of the pilot will go a long way in determining how the program gets rolled out to the rest of California — which is important because, as you can see from this great study by CalSEIA, the value of solar hot water is quite high. That’s why it was nice to see a weatherman from a local news station get in on the act, climb up a roof, and tell people just what they should be doing with a sunny day. (Video here.)

[Note to Al Roker: I also heard the San Diego TV guy say there’s no way you could do as good of a job. He dared you to try to promote solar nationally as well as he did locally. He also called you a punk.]

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Also of note: a local solar installer has announced a $0-down financing program, with payments set at avoided energy cost (estimated at a 7-year payback). That’s the first time I’ve heard of a program like that for solar water heating, and is the kind of innovation that will be necessary for the technology to find its place in … wait for it … the sun.

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