New report says climate change is a threat to U.S. security

A government-funded report issued today by a group of retired U.S. generals and admirals says global warming is a security risk. The Military Advisory Board says climate change “can act as a threat multiplier,” with severe weather and drought leading to mass migrations, battles over food and water, and the spread of disease. Noting that conflicts in places like Darfur and Somalia began with drought and other resource shortages, the report urges the U.S. to “commit to a stronger national and international role to help stabilize climate changes at levels that will avoid significant disruption to global security and stability.” It also says military bases in some areas are vulnerable to rising seas. Former Army chief of staff Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan says he has moved from skeptic to believer: “The trends are not good, and if I just sat around in my former life as a soldier, if I just waited around for someone to walk in and say, ‘This is with 100 percent certainty,’ I’d be waiting forever.”