Is the Cape Cod Times editorial board in the pocket of big anti-wind groups?! Are they skewing and suppressing news coverage in service of their rabid anti-wind bias!?


Yes, these are matters of minimal national import, but they do provide some fun drama. Jack Coleman says he left the Times after getting sick of the increasing slant of its news coverage against Cape Wind, the big wind project planned for Nantucket Sound. Apparently the editors are allied with the ruthless Alliance to Save Nantucket Sound. The hoo-ha even reached the Boston Globe.

I can’t say I’ve been tracking the trials and tribulations of Cape Wind that closely, but everything I’ve seen leads me to the same conclusion: This is a group of privileged upper-crust aristocrats perfectly willing to advocate for sacrifice on the part of, say, Michigan auto workers, but who react with umbrage when their precious views and sailing waters might have to be part of the solution. Maybe a commenter can explain to me why this is not what it seems.

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