Village aims to be the greenest in England

An English town with the wholly delightful name of Chew Magna is in the running for greenest village of them all. With a population of 1,100, it’s located in a wider community that’s committed itself to achieving zero waste, recycling everything from mobiles (cell phones) to spectacles (glasses). But Chew Magna has gone many steps further: Their Go Zero campaign has produced a local-food guide and a carbon-offset fund. Local energy companies have donated free low-energy light bulbs to residents. Plans are in the works for villagers to be able to ride a biofueled bus to the airport for free. “The consensus was that people wanted to make decisions that would leave a legacy,” says Denise Perrin, the Go Zero campaign’s events coordinator. Bloody smashing! Tops! Right-o! Jolly good! We could go on.