Organic Snack Foods on the Rise

One of the fastest growing segments of the $23 billion organic foods industry — faster than produce or dairy products — is snack food: chips, candy, nutrition bars, and the like, sales of which grew by almost 30 percent last year. If that strikes you as odd, you will be even more befuddled to learn that Frito-Lay is set to unleash organic Doritos. (How will they get that neon orange color?) These eco-Doritos will join the 120 organic snacks going to market this year. Enviros and nutritionists view the development as a mixed blessing. The spread of organic farming techniques can only benefit the environment, but, says nutritionist Cynthia Lair, “These are all dead, processed foods. Organic or not, they won’t make you healthier or give you more vitality.” Pish posh, we say — pass the organic beer and chips!