Strange Bedfellows Push for Clean Energy in Canada

Some of the biggest polluters in Canada are teaming up with enviros to make the case that the nation could produce as much energy from renewable sources as it now does from fossil fuels and nuclear facilities. Today, three oil companies — Suncor Energy, BP Canada, and Shell Canada — and four major Canadian environmental groups will release a jointly written report arguing that the country has huge untapped potential for producing energy from wind, waves, and other non-polluting sources. The report claims that Canada will need to tap that potential as the growth of the fossil-fuel industry is constrained by concerns about climate change. Ken Ogilvie, executive director of the environmental group Pollution Probe, says he’s happy to join forces with energy companies because they can articulate the business case for renewable energy much more effectively than environmental groups. The report’s backers want the national government to set targets for green power production.