Like Jeff, I’m in full agreeance with‘s just-published "Declaration of World Energy Independence, Energy Security and Sustainability." Here are the four principles:

Principle One: Make Transitioning to Renewable Energy a Strategic Objective of all Energy Policies.
Principle Two: Require Equal Funding, Fair Play and Competition in Energy Markets.
Principle Three: Accelerate Construction of Sustainable Energy Infrastructures.
Principle Four: Provide for Peace and Prosperity in Times of Oil Shortages.

CleanPeace wants you to sign it.

Also like Jeff, I’m not exactly sure what they intend to do with the declaration once people have signed it.

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But whatever. It’s an interesting site. However … not to gripe, but it doesn’t offer an RSS feed. What kind of site these days doesn’t offer syndication? It basically means I’ll never read it. CleanPeace, if you’re reading, join us in the 21st century.

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