You know those people who want to be all annoyingly positive about everything, like oh, the world IS changing its habits, we’re not all doomed to broil under the sun and boil to death in the hot sea? And then they offer as proof something like they now get 3 cents back when they use their own grocery bag?

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Well, here’s one for you, optimists: London fashion designer Vivienne Westwood wore a T-shirt reading “Climate Revolution” at London’s fashion week. Though we should note that she also had her stockings over her shorts and drew on a fake mustache and monocle with a Sharpie, and we don’t know what she was wearing on her head, but it kind of looked like a Russian Blue cat in a cocktail dress.

So OK, we should maybe just assume that the T-shirt is just as absurd and meaningless to her as the rest of the outfit. Although, perhaps not as absurd and meaningless as the gentleman behind her, who is wearing a Snakes & Ladders board, and seems rather disdainful of Ms. Westwood, who obviously hadn’t tried hard enough to look weird.

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