I get lots of requests along the lines of, "hey, I just started a new green blog, will you give me a mention and a link?" Before you send one … don’t.

Why? Because the vast majority of blogs don’t make it past six months, and fewer still make it past a year. Starting a blog sounds like a good idea when you get tired of wasting your eloquence in comment sections, but it turns out running one is an incredible amount of work and effort, and it takes a lot of time and a lot of luck to build up even a modest audience.

All of which is preface to saying that I’m getting ready to draw your attention to a new blog that has, at present, exactly one post:

Climate Policy is a new blog from the American Meteorological Society, and it boasts several heavy-hitters as contributors. I expect it will have a built-in audience and will soon begin making waves. You could be one of the first to add it to your RSS reader!

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