Today’s LA Times headline should be no surprise by now: “Nuclear Industry Lays Foundation for Comeback.” However, here’s the opening paragraph:

CLINTON, Ill. — Along the streets of this economically depressed farming town, optimism is running high that a proposed nuclear power plant could bring in new jobs, give a boost to local retailers and increase taxes for schools.

While the risks of a nuclear plant in your backyard are high, the benefits are great too. I personally know that Perry, Ohio has the nicest high school and athletic facilities around because of the revenue it got from the nuclear facility there.

Drilling in the Arctic Refuge also enjoys popular support from Alaskans.

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If we are going to oppose these measures, what can be done to convince the people who will see the most benefits from such projects that it really isn’t a good idea? We are facing an uphill battle when rebate checks or increases in school funding are so concentrated and have such a large impact on a small number of people.

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