Departing Senate Environment Committee chair Sen. James Inhofe — who’s gone from sinister to pathetic with dizzying speed — held one final hearing on global warming and the media the other day.


If you’re interested in hearing about it, this NPR story is fairly good.

Sen. Barbara Boxer gets off a good soundbite, one I hope other politicians take up: The point is not that there are no outliers or deniers on global warming. The point is that makers of public policy have an obligation to base their actions on the prevailing scientific consensus. So the fact that Inhofe can dig up fruitloops to say stupid things at a committee hearing is neither hear nor there.

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Here, for historical curiosity if nothing else, is the press release on the subject from the soon-to-return-to-deserved-obscurity Marc Morano.

Update [2006-12-7 12:30:36 by David Roberts]: More from RealClimate here, and some thoughts from NYT reporter Andy Revkin here.

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