A comment on the aforecited TP post reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to say: The arguments conservatives use for inaction on global warming seem sharply at odds with their arguments about terrorism.

Consider Dick Cheney’s celebrated One Percent Doctrine, which says that even a 1% chance of catastrophic terrorist attack should prompt us to respond as though it were a certainty.

Well, the chances of catastrophic damage from global warming are a hell of a lot higher than 1%. So …

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Now, Boudreaux says that responding to global warming could hurt capitalism, so we should just "neglect" it. But responding to terrorism in the hysterical way we’ve done since 9/11 has sent the national budget completely out of control. The deficit has exploded, defense spending is rising every year, and the Department of Homeland Security has become a massive distributor of patronage money, which, as all good capitalists know, distorts the hell out of markets.

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So where’s Boudreaux’s outrage about that? Will he say we should neglect terrorism rather than risk capitalism?

I really wish global warming were a scary foreign brown person. Then maybe we’d $%#! do something about it.

(There will be much more about this in my posts about fear, which I’ve been writing for over a week now and have spiraled completely out of control and at this rate will never be published, since I can’t seem to get to the damn point, so never mind.)

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