Farmers are often injured or even killed when cows crash into gates, which then slam, crush, or pinch any unlucky human standing behind them. So scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization developed a hinged gate which blah blah blah the point is CRASH TEST COW.

The scientists are talking through this whole thing, and they have cute Australian accents, but let’s be honest: You can go ahead and mute that shit. Because the gate is innovative and useful and will save life and limb, but the real star is the 130-pound battering ram draped in cow hide, which crashes into the gate time after mesmerizing time. It’s totally like watching the Mythbusters throw pigs at things — there’s even a dressed-up dummy who could be Buster’s Australian brother! — except the crash test cow is even more low-tech. It looks like it’s made at least partially out of a truck tire.

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The question now is, what would Adam and Jamie name a truck-tire-and-cow-horns concoction built for slamming into doors? Charger? Bullster? Stampede? Bruce?

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