Michael Crichton gave a talk at the American Enterprise Institute today — you can watch the video here. Sadly, I was not able to attend and ask him why the eco-terrorists in his book use small, poisonous octopi as their primary weapons. I get that octopi are natural and everything, but given that to use them you’ve got to get right up next to your victim and hold him or her still for a few seconds — or get a friend to do it while you fumble with the sandwich baggies in which said octopi are contained — it seems like the opportunity costs in terms of time, energy, and range speak in favor of going with a more traditional tool of evil, like say guns.

Also, via Chris Mooney, a response to Crichton from Brookings Institute environmental scholar David B. Sandalow. And while you’re at Mooney’s, check out this wackiness from Crichton’s talk and this wackiness from Crichton’s website.

You can look for my better-late-than-never review of Crichton’s book early next week. Mark it on your calendar!

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