I’m all over Treehugger today. Go figure.

Anyway, TH brings news of a massive worldwide series of demonstrations that, for reasons unfathomable, I wasn’t aware of.

Apparently, on Dec. 3 — that’s this Saturday! — to coincide with the COP MOP talks in Montreal, groups in over 30 countries around the world are demonstrating:

These demonstrations demand that the USA and Australia ratify the Kyoto Protocol immediately, and that the entire world community move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty that will be both equitable and effective in stabilising ‘greenhouse’ gases and preventing dangerous climate change.

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I tend to think it’s a mistake for enviros to focus so obsessively on Kyoto, but as a symbolic matter it’s hard to argue against focusing attention on U.S. and Australian intransigence.

So go out and demonstrate on Saturday!

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