Today’s Dig This spotlights Earthship Biotecture,which has two websites with virtually the same information, laid out different ways. It’s just one of the many quirks of the Taos, N.M.-based organization, which makes cool eco-houses and is located a mere seven hours from Roswell. I’m just saying.

The basic Earthship home prototype is made of recycled tires, packed with earth to the point of being “virtually indestructible.” But they don’t have to be made of tires — in England they’re made of tyres. Ha. Um, but really, each is custom made and tuned to the buyers’ climate. Result? They “heat and cool themselves naturally via solar/thermal dynamics,” to the point of being so energy efficient that residents don’t have to pay any utility bills. I know what you’re thinking: crazy expensive, right? Well:

One very important aspect of the Earthship Concept is to be available to the masses. That is to say, it cannot be a multi-million dollar vessel that only the rich can afford. Everyone is entitled to voyage into the future … In addition to interfacing with natural phenomena, this concept must interface with the nature of the common person.

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A voyage to the future will cost ya $150/sq ft and up, which the site claims to be similar to conventional construction. But remember, no utility bills!

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Are you sold? You can “enter the Earthship experience at any level”: from Level 1 (a trip to the Visitor’s Center in Taos) to Level 7 (“serious desire to build an Earthship”).

You can also build Earthships as an unpaid intern, or rent one to see what it’s like.

Any Earthship-dwellers among you Gristies?

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