If you’re into eco-design, there are all kinds of conferences and meetings and such you can attend around the country. Today’s Dig This will run down a few coming up in the next month.

April 13-16, Eugene, Ore.: HOPES (Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability) conference at the University of Oregon. The 12th edition of the “only ecological design conference developed and managed by students.” This year’s theme: permanence/impermanence. How very Eugene.

April 19-20, Baltimore, Md.: The TurnKey Conference of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (whew!). The conference, all about humane treatment of lab animals, includes many sessions on facility design. No, I’m not making a statement about the rights or wrongs of animal testing here. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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April 25-27, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: EnvironDesign 10. Includes a visit to the world’s first LEED-certified winery. And tons of design workshops too.

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May 3-7, Atlanta, Ga.: EDRA 37 (PDF), the 37th annual conference of the Environmental Design Research Association. Topics range from Crime and the Built Environment to Environmental Gerontology. Speakers include former U.N. ambassador Andrew Young and recent Grist interviewee Dr. Robert Bullard.

May 4-7, Shepherdstown, W.V.: The Architecture of Sustainability, put on by the American Institute of Architects‘ Committee on Design and Committee on the Environment. Topics include “Is Sustainable Design an Oxymoron?” Hopefully they will find the answer to be no.

The huge Dig This international audience can find upcoming events in Australia, the U.K., and Estonia.

Anything I’ve missed?

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