U.N. Security Council hosts feisty climate debate

Yesterday the U.N. Security Council held its first-ever debate on climate change, and the meat of the debate was — well, whether the debate should be happening at all. With 55 countries speaking, Britain led the pack of those arguing that climate change threatens global security, while China led the MYOB contingent. “The developing countries believe that the Security Council has neither the professional competence in handling climate change, nor is it the right decision-making place for extensive participation leading up to widely acceptable proposals,” said Liu Zhenmin, China’s deputy ambassador, and countries including Russia, Indonesia, and South Africa got his back. British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, who led the session, said she would not undermine other U.N. bodies, but countered, “The Security Council is the forum to discuss issues that threaten the peace and security of the international community … There are few greater potential threats … to peace and security itself.”