On Sunday at 9pm, the Discovery Channel will run a special called ”Global Warming: What You Need to Know." It will break the exciting news — available to you for the first time! — that the scientific community agrees that global warming is happening, quickly, and it’s going to be bad.

Discovery stresses that this is a scientific thing. There’s "no agenda." They’re not one of those, you know, lefty groups who go on and on about this kind of thing.

That’s how corrupted our national dialogue has become. A handful of nutbags can, through their extraordinary media access, politicize the issue for the entire country. Argh.

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Anyway, the special is hosted by Tom Brokaw, who, according to the NYT, has become something of a green. Get this:

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He’s tried to alter some habits to save fossil fuels: changing light fixtures in his homes, for example. He owns a hybrid car, and so do both of his daughters.

“It’s not affecting our lifestyle at all, not one whit,” he said.

Oh, well … whew! Wouldn’t want to change our lifestyles just because the entire earth is frying.

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