The climate is in crisis. The world is a mess. Think things would be better if you ruled the universe (or at least a developed nation)? Here’s your chance to test out that theory.

Play the BBC’s Climate Challenge game and you’ll take on the role of president of a powerful European nation. Your mission: 1) convincing other world leaders to climb aboard the emission reduction train; 2) adopting a mix of climate-friendly national policies that will neither starve nor alienate the voting citizenry.

Not a mean trick, that. My first try, I embraced my inner climate zealot and got booted from office before I could reach my emission goals. My second go-round, I managed to meet my nation’s climate obligations and end my term a remarkably popular president — but unfortunately, my beneficence left my country near total bankruptcy.

Bottom line — running a (virtual) country is way harder than Tetris. It almost made me feel sorry for Dubya. Almost.

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