We all have different ways of dealing with anxiety about the danger and destruction from Hurricane Sandy. Some people drink. Some people share fake photos. These idiots in New York’s Zone A listen to their brand-new stereos instead of evacuating. I watch videos of baby gazelles and post jokes to dispel the tension. My dog stares at me and smells bad. And this guy straps on a rubber horse head and goes for a jog in the rain.

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I’m not sure if I think this is some kind of weird hipster insouciance or a reasonably smart way to keep your head dry while you get in one last run before being cooped up inside. This is D.C., which mostly eschews hipsters in favor of those guys who wear blue pinstripe shirts with white collars and cuffs — but it looks like Bloomingdale, and if D.C. were going to have hipsters, that’s one of the few places they’d be. That horse head, of course, has a long history as an internet joke, but on the other hand, it’s also rubber and would legitimately keep the rain off your glasses. So, Mr. Reverse Centaur, we either salute your pragmatism or roll our eyes at your attempt to photobomb the news! Sandy is probably not going to be impressed either way.

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