It looks like a bed from a rap video but it’s for more than just sex on fur coats.

When there is an earthquake most people run to a table or a doorway to ride it out. But if the people at Shinto Industries have their way, the new go-to destination for seismic activity will be this bed, made out of aged cedar and reinforced with special metal fittings.

The bed is designed to withstand 65 tons of pressure. That is a lot. Even if your entire building collapses on top of you, if you’re in this thing, you’ll be OK. Now, if you’re not on a ground floor, and the floor cracks and you end up, uh, on a lower floor, I’m not sure this bed will help you. Though it will handily crush whoever is underneath you. We wonder if this bed is perhaps an Ayn Rand fan?

It is also a nice bed to have because when you don’t feel like getting up you can just tell yourself that there might be an earthquake today so why bother. Also it is about $6,000 which will also upset you enough to lie low for at least a few days.

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